My name is April Bhattacharya and I’ve created this blog to keep family and friends updated with my journey. I hope that others out there that are facing these same decisions find my blog encouraging and informative.

After losing multiple women in my family, including my mother, to breast cancer, I chose to have genetic testing. I found out in March 2010 that I tested positive for the BRCA2 mutation. This does not mean it causes breast or ovarian cancer, but it leads to an increased risk for its development. I have an 85% lifetime risk of breast cancer and a 40% lifetime risk of ovarian cancer. The general population’s lifetime risk for breast cancer is about 12% and less than 2% for ovarian cancer.

After doing much research, discussing things with my husband, talking with doctors and genetic counselors, I came to the conclusion that a prophylactic (preventative) bilateral mastectomy (removal of both breasts) and reconstruction would be my personal best decision. By having this surgery I reduce my risk of getting breast cancer by 90%. I have also taken on a vegan diet. At 23 years old, I am empowered to take steps to prevent breast and/or ovarian cancer from taking my life early. I am grateful to be a woman with options that could change the future of my family.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Surgery Date

My next surgery is scheduled for May 10th!! This will be an outpatient procedure. The cosmectic surgeon will take out my tissue expanders, put in the implants and do some revisions. I can't wait!! : )


Hollie said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you! I wish I was as far along in the process as you!

You are brave, beautiful and super-tough!



Anonymous said...

Just as your expanders are coming out April, mine will be going in. My surgery is scheduled for April 27th. I'm starting to get really nervous. I keep reading your blogs and reminding myself that everything is going to be okay.