My name is April Bhattacharya and I’ve created this blog to keep family and friends updated with my journey. I hope that others out there that are facing these same decisions find my blog encouraging and informative.

After losing multiple women in my family, including my mother, to breast cancer, I chose to have genetic testing. I found out in March 2010 that I tested positive for the BRCA2 mutation. This does not mean it causes breast or ovarian cancer, but it leads to an increased risk for its development. I have an 85% lifetime risk of breast cancer and a 40% lifetime risk of ovarian cancer. The general population’s lifetime risk for breast cancer is about 12% and less than 2% for ovarian cancer.

After doing much research, discussing things with my husband, talking with doctors and genetic counselors, I came to the conclusion that a prophylactic (preventative) bilateral mastectomy (removal of both breasts) and reconstruction would be my personal best decision. By having this surgery I reduce my risk of getting breast cancer by 90%. I have also taken on a vegan diet. At 23 years old, I am empowered to take steps to prevent breast and/or ovarian cancer from taking my life early. I am grateful to be a woman with options that could change the future of my family.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 1 to 3 Weeks Post-Op Exchange Surgery-Graphic Content

I'm writing this in the early morning of Tuesday (but really still Monday night for me haha). Today is 3 weeks since surgery! I can't believe how fast time is flying by. I have my follow up appointment with my cosmetic surgeon today (Tuesday) at 4PM. I have several questions for him so I'm sure I'll post again in the next couple of days. I'm so thankful for all of you women e-mailing me and I plan to write each of you back soon : ) The past couple of weeks have flown by and I just haven't got on here to blog or email.

As promised, I have posted photos from my surgery on 05-10-11 through 3 weeks post-op. Please excuse any typos, I am very tired haha

Warning: some of the following photos contain images of my nude torso after a bilateral tissue expander breast implant exchange surgery. These images are not sexual in nature and are for informational purposes only.

Front view of my tissue expanders before surgery. My last fill was on 03-01-11. Man these things look crazy!!  Even though I've only had my implants in for a few weeks now, I had kind of forgotten what they looked like until I was uploading these photos.  I'm SO glad they are out of me!!
Right side view of  breast tissue expanders
Left side view of breast tissue expanders
Here I am all ready to head into the operating room. This time my surgery was a few buildings down from the main hospital. It was in a day surgery building. That was great because I had my own little room to be in before and after surgery. My husband and family were able to hang out in the room while they waited. 
This is back in my room right after surgery. My husband said it took about 2 hours for me wake up.
My husband and the nurse said I was shivering from being so cold. I don't remember because I was still asleep. The nurse wrapped this blanket around my head and torso to keep me warm. Then they started laughing because they thought I looked like the Virgin Mary hahaha
I'm getting my clothes out to get ready to go home. Sameer said I didn't want any help getting my things together...I don't remember this at all haha
The anesthesia made me so goofy this time! I couldn't stop laughing. That was way better than getting sick and throwing up like last time! All thanks to the great anesthesiologist that took every precaution he could to make sure I didn't get sick again : )
This was a funny moment...maybe only to me and Sameer haha but he was taking so many pictures and I was laughing and having fun and then all of the sudden I made this crazy face and told my husband to stop with the pictures! And then right after that...
....I told him to take more pictures again : ) this was also about the time I was looking out the window seeing multiple birds in the grass when there was really only one hahaha Good times!
This was another funny moment! We had just left the hospital and went to CVS to pick up my prescriptions. I was passed out hard in the car! Like head all the way back, mouth completely open, out to la la land. I remember opening my eyes once and seeing people stare at me as they got out of the car next to us haha and before I could look halfway normal I passed out again! Well apparently I woke up a few moments later and started taking pictures of myself...I don't remember this at all! Sameer saw me taking pictures when he was coming out of the store and he jumped in the background of the picture without me knowing. He said I passed back out as soon as he got back in the car. He never told me about this until I was loading the pictures on the computer hahaha when I came across it I just couldn't stop laughing at Sameer in the back window and the fact that I was taking pictures of myself! Gotta love that anesthesia!
My sweet Audrina greeting me in the car as soon as we got home!
Front view of my wrapped chest when I got home from surgery on Tuesday, 05-10-11. I wore this until my follow up appointment on Thursday with the PA. I could already tell how much better the implants were going to be from the tissue expanders. They were so soft! What an amazing feeling after having hard rocks in my chest for so long!
Right side view of wrapped chest
Left side view of wrapped chest
At my follow up appointment with the PA on Thursday, 05-12-11. Getting my wrap removed and having the first look at my new foobs! I also got to take a full shower when I got home. I couldn't let the incision sites soak in water...just let the water run over and then pat dry afterwards.
There was gauze over each incision for any bleeding. My right side gauze was pretty much clean and my left had a couple dots of blood.
Here they are! I had the steri-strips over the incisions again. My left implant is sitting higher and isn't hanging out and down as much as my right implant. This is because my left side expanded more up and down and my right side was more left to right. The surgeon also had to do some pocket work on my left one so it would swoop out nicely on the inner bottom. You can really see what I am talking about if you scroll back up now to look at my tissue expander picture again. When I compare the two photos it's just crazy how WAY different the tissue expanders look from the implants. It's very hard to imagine anything like this when you have the tissue expanders in your chest. Also, the tissue expanders look way larger than the implants since they are hard, thick and stiff. The implants are nice and soft. They will change a lot over the next few months. Just in a few weeks they have already changed so much. My left one has dropped down a lot as you'll see in the upcoming photos. 
Front view 2 days post-op. I expanded to 350cc and I have Mentor 375cc Smooth Round High Profile Gel Implants. Since the tissue expanders shell is so much thicker than an implant, you usually go up in the size of the implant. If you did the exact cc's of your fill in the tissue expanders, then your implants are going to look significantly smaller. I have the high profile implants because of my petite frame. There isn't enough room across my chest to fit a wider option. It's hard to look at someone's photos and say you want to be that size, so go get that size implant. What's a moderate/large size on me could look tiny on someone else's frame. I say that because many of you have been asking about my measurements and what cup size this is. I'm 5'2", 100 lbs, my rib cage is 27". It's extremely hard to find bra's that are a 28 band size! I went to a special bra fitting shop that carried a few smaller band sizes. They didn't have a 28 in the right cup size, but there was a 30 band that ran smaller so it fit good. It is a 30DD. I know that sounds crazy, but it is what it is! haha I don't look that big at all! If you saw me in person you would probably just think I'm a C cup. Also, I will be a different cup size in different brands. I tried on a C and D cup in other brands that fit great too. Most women don't wear the right size bra and when they get a proper fitting they usually find out that their band is too big and their cup is too small. Ladies, go get a proper bra fitting!! : ) And not at Victoria Secrets (I LOVE that store..but they don't all know how to get you in the correct size). I would suggest going to Nordstrom or somewhere locally that specializes in professional bra fittings. I went to Petticoat Fair in Austin, TX.
Right side view 2 days post-op
Left side view 2 days post-op. No more crazy expander sticking straight out! Woo Hoo!!
My husband and I on 05-14-11. Only 4 days after my surgery and I was feeling great! I don't think anyone would have guessed I just had surgery.
It was such a beautiful day! A cold front had came through so it felt like fall outside. We were enjoying the day on our front porch : ) I had to wear a sports bra until I was able to comfortably get into an underwire bra. At this point I was wearing my sports bra that zips in the front with a hoodie.
My sweet girl Audrina : ) Always right there with me!
This was still 05-14-11. I was able to sleep in a loose tank top that I pulled from my feet up. It was nice to not have to wear only button ups.
Front view on 05-14-11, 4 days post-op. This is my sports bra that zips in the front. I got this for the first surgery and it has worked out so great. I bought it at Academy. You can see how my left foob is still sitting higher than my right. I was kind of freaking out for a few days because you could see how uneven they were in my clothes...but I knew they would settle and change. Sameer just had to keep reminding me  : )
Right side view in sports bra 4 days post-op
Left side view in sports bra 4 days post-op
Front view 4 days post-op. A lot of the swelling started going down and I began to see the bright yellow bruising. This was around the time I started having a more pain that lasted a few days. I was itchy and a little red too. It's hard to tell in the pictures, but it was pretty annoying. Not sure if it was the antibiotics or just something that happens after surgery...but it eventually went away!
Right side view 4 days post-op
Left side view 4 days post-op
Front view on 05-17-11, 1 week post-op. You can already see how much they've changed in just 1 week! Still have the lovely bright yellow bruises at this point.
Right side view 1 week post-op
Left side view 1 week post-op
Front view on 05-22-11, 12 days post-op. My bruising is beginning to fade! Yay! My steri-strips are still on, but some of them started peeling away. I trimmed any of the edges that were coming up so it wouldn't pull on my clothing.
Right side view 12 days post-op
Right side angle view 12 days post-op
Left side view 12 days post-op
12 days post-op wearing an underwire bra and shirt! I was able to get pretty much all my regular tops on after the first week, but I did need help getting them off over my shoulders and head.
Front view in an underwire bra 12 days post-op. No need for a push up bra! haha It was actually a challenge to find one with no padding. Everything has super padding these days!
Right side view in an underwire bra 12 days post-op
Right side angle view in an underwire bra 12 days post-op
Left side view in an underwire bra 12 days post-op
Left side angle view in an underwire bra 12 days post-op
Left foob on 05-24-11, 2 weeks post-op. The entire corner of my steri-strips came off this day. I trimmed it off and cleaned up the dried blood that was on my skin. This is the corner of my incision and it is folded/creased again like last surgery. I was a little upset to see this because I was thinking it would be smoother this time. Check out my drain tube scar on my side. It's pretty much completely faded! Yay!!
Front view on 05-26-11, 16 days post-op. All of my steri-strips came off this day after my shower! Look at how amazing my right incision looks! Its a super thin smooth line. My left side is another story...slightly thicker and it is lumpy on the two ends. I wonder why? I'm going to ask the surgeon at my follow up appointment. This was an emotional day for me. It's much easier to look at bandages across my chest than seeing this. I guess it just really reminds me that I did this and there is no turning back...not that I would want to at all if I could! I'm so grateful for this entire process and it has given me hope for a future. I can't believe how much the implants have changed in just over 2 weeks!
Right side view 16 days post-op
Left side view 16 days post-op
Close up on the right incision, 16 days post-op. Its thin and smooth. The little dot you see on the end has one tiny loop of a suture sticking out. 
Close up on the left incision, 16 days post-op. It's a little bit shorter in length than the right one. You can see the lumps on both ends of it. I'm sure they will smooth out over time.
Front view on 05-27-11, 17 days post-op. This is only 1 day later after the steri-strips came off. I wanted to show how much the incisions had smoothed out in just 1 day! I can't believe how far my left foob has come from the tissue expander! I was sure that one would always look weird since it had no round shape to it at all during my expansions.
Close up on the right incision, 17 days post-op
Close up on the left incision, 17 days post-op
Front view in a different underwire bra 17 days post-op. This is a D cup. The wire doesn't go as high in the middle as the other one. It is much more comfortable than the first bra I bought.
Right side view in an underwire bra 17 days post-op
Right side angle view in an underwire bra 17 days post-op
Left side view in an underwire bra 17 days post-op
Left side angle view in an underwire bra 17 days post-op
Front view close up in an underwire bra 18 days post-op
Front view of new swimsuit on 05-29-11, 19 days post-op. My husband and I went swimsuit shopping at Victoria Secret on Sunday!! I use to wear the triangle string bikinis, but since the implants are much fuller and rounder than natural breasts I went with a bandeau top. I also liked how the thicker triangle halter top fit, so I ordered one from VS online. I've pretty much bought the same swimsuit in different colors and prints my entire life, so it was fun to be forced to try something new! For those wondering on sizes, this is a Victoria Secret x-small low scoop bottom and medium bandeau top.


Anonymous said...

You look so beautiful!! Thank you so much for taking the time to post all these pics and your thorough explanation. They are so helpful and encouraging. My implant exchange is 9 days away now and you have me very excited. Thank you for being so brave in sharing this all! I look forward to more updates. Way to go April!

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo, finally complete! I know you are so relieved. You've done an amazing job documenting all of this. The whole process is quite an ordeal but your posts are helping ease the minds of so many. You are an inspiration and I'm proud to have you as family.


Bevnscott said...

Hey April,
I'm loving looking at your boobs! haha! Only because i'm sitting here with my stupid, hard, plastic expanders in and counting down the weeks until they are fully expanded and can antipate my implant exchange. Had to undergo a second surgery last week because of infection, so needless to say i'm very asymetrical right now! At least I have something to look forward to! you are so brave posting all these photos. Thank you, thank you for sharing your journey with me. You have definately helped me a lot!

Hollie said...


Yay! You look amazing! I'm two and a half months post double mastectomy and I wish I was as far as you, but chemo's slowing that down. :(

My expansions are done, however and it feels good to be gaining some ground somewhere!

Keep on blogging! I think I speak for everyone when I say, we love that you keep us 'abreast.' ;)

Love you!


Anonymous said...

You look amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. You've given me hope and re-assurance - I'm scheduled for Nov 7 and today was a day when I seriously doubted my decision. You're messages are the perfect way to end the day and will make me sleep so much easier!

Yvette said...

Wow, I am so glad I found your blog. I am getting my expanders exchanged tomorrow. I hate how they look at the moment, fingers crossed they will look as fantastic as yours after tomorrow (well post recovery anyway!).

d_hager said...

Hi April, We wanted you to know that we're 'all' still here keeping up with your remarkable progress and your inspiring blog. After reading the many people's comments... we're so proud of you and how you've enlighted and encouraged so many others taking this same path. Please don't take this the wrong way... but we all think your boobs look simply amazing!! We will continue to keep you and Sameer in our prayers... and we do pray that you'll have the best outcome possible. Again, Way to go April!! Our Love & Prayers, Frances Hager :)

Kathy said...

I am getting ready to have my second implant exchange post mastectomy. My mastectomy was Nov. 11th of 2010. Expanders were removed in April of 2011 and first implants were placed (260cc)because I am small and wanted a smaller implant. Then in July of 2011 I began to see rippling and dimpling that my plastic surgeon explained to me was because the implant needed to be larger to fill in abnormalities so I went up to a 304cc implant. Same thing happened which all along he has told me if I go a little larger it will fill in areas. I am 5'4", 120 pounds and am still in a B cup. Not sure if I should go up to a 350 or 375 cc implant. Don't want to go through this again but don't want to look like a bimbo on my little frame. Help!


Mrs. H said...

I thank you for your candid and informational blog...You are an inspiration to me and my girls. I was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer and tested positive for the gene as well. In a few weeks, I will have a bilateral mastectomy and hysterectomy. I will have the tissue expanders (which led to my google search and your blog) and was so curious about it. My daughters will be tested when they are older and your proactive choice makes me feel good about what decisions/outcomes they may face as the result of the testing. God Bless you and thanks again!
Georgia, USA

Hollie said...

Good luck with your upcoming surgeries. While I did not test positive for BRCA genes, I did have cancer in one of my breasts, but opted to have a bilateral mastectomy. After having tissue expanders for eight months, I had surgery to swap them out in favor of silicone last month. The process, while grueling--especially with chemo, etc--actually wasn't too bad. Good luck to you with your surgeries, treatment, and recovery. -Hollie. Http://

Anonymous said...

I want to also thank you for putting this out there, I only wish I had found it before my surgery.It is so good to see that the way these expanders feel is how others feel with them, also to read that when the implant goes in it will not feel so tight. Presently I am in the expander stage of the process, have had three fillings, I am in Canada and we get injected more than 25cc each time. I do have a question for you or anyone reading this. Has anyone experienced stretch marks all around the breast, on both breasts equally. I have to say I am not pleased if there are going to be stretch marks after all this.

CJeezy said...

Hi April
Just had my mastectomy Feb 22nd. I still have my drains in right now. I havent even started expanding the expanders yet. Your story and blog is so encouraging I think I may do the same thing! Thanks so much!!!


Anonymous said...

April, I've been following your story for months and I thank you for sharing your journey and inspiring me through my own. I'm brca 1 and four weeks from my exchange surgery (prophylactic). These expanders have been so uncomfortable and Ive even developed two painful frozen shoulders to make matters much worse. I'm counting on the exchange to alleviate some of the pressure on my shoulders. I'm your size, petite, and also filled to 350ccs (got 300 in initial surgery so only needed to have one fill for a full B implant). Yay for over the head shirts and a peaceful night sleep. When my brca daughter faces her own journey I will surely refer her to your blog as well! Xo

Anonymous said...

Thanks you so much for posting such person pictures throughout your journey. I just got back from the Dr. office today after hearing I tested positive for the gene. This is a very scary time for me so thank you for your bravery in sharing your story. It makes me hopeful!

Anonymous said...

Hi April...well, my implant surgery is coming up and I'm freaking out because my expanders are uneven and look crazy. Soo happy I found your pictures! Thank you so much for sharing all of this - I'm not scared anymore! You look so beautiful, and I know my surgery will come out ok as well... THANK YOU!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi April, Thank you,thank you ,thank you!!! I started my journey on 1/26/2012. I just came across your blog, as I am trying to figure out what size I will be if I do 375cc in my expander. As you well know the expander is not the perfect shape LOL.... I want to thank you for sharing your journey......I now know I am not by myself in deciding to do this.

Unknown said...

Hello my name is Rosy im 26 years old and have cancer on my left breast im about to finish chemo and after that going for a bilateral mastectomy with immedity reconstruction im very scare :( . Can you please help me . thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi, Iam so pleased to find your blog. I had breast cancer in both breasts two different types one type in each breast. I had a bilateral mastectomy on the 22nd of June 2012. On the 25th Oct 2012 i had tissue expanders put in with 50cc of liquid they have been so painful.I am having my first expansion on the 28th nov 2012. I am a bit nervous about the whole process. You have been such an inspiration to put your journey on the net for us all to see. You look fantastic i can only hope i will have a similar result fingers crossed. Thank You so much.

Anonymous said...

April! You are so beautiful for posting this--inside and out, girlie! Thank you so much!

I also have a BRCA2 mutation, but was given the option of a single surgery for my prophylactic bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction... a one-time swap out the girls and replace 'em with implants procedure. I'm currently three weeks post-op, and I must say, your implant results post-op after having had expanders is far more flattering than mine; my implants were placed under my pectorals, and they're still swollen after three weeks--they're definitely angry about being disturbed, haha!

But yes, thank you very much for sharing your images. I doubt you realize how many women this will help, even just to organize their own thoughts about their own struggles.

I wish you and your lovely family all the best--and only good things from here on out, girlie! You deserve it! Cheers!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad to have found your information and that you shared photos. I tested positive for the BRCA I gene. I had my ovaries removed after I was done having children 5 years ago and recently had a BMX. I have started tissue expansions and now worried that the outcome will be far different than my expectations!! For the first time in my life I would like to have bigger boobs and have them stand tall and pretty! This gives me hope that they can be just that,

You were very courageous going through this process at such a young age! Kudos to you...They look beautiful!

Dena said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story and photos. I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Nov 6 2012. I had a double mastectomy with expanders on Dec 28 2012. I had my drains removed in 2 weeks with no issues.
my expanders are up to 450 cc each and they look attrocious! Yours really looked great. My left one is so inflated under my armpit its like a loaf of bread. My right one has been poking out under my armpit since the beginning making my skin raw and irritated. They are uneven and oddly shaped!! I'm told not to this normal!

Jay Jay said...

Thank you for sharing your journey with us all. By doing this, it gives us all an opportunity to share our experiences. By reading the experiences of other brave woman, I have better understanding of what I am going through.
I am a single Mum with 4 children, and after having being found with 3 benign lumps, but a serious history of Breast Cancer in my family, I was given the option, and had my 1st operation performed, 25th of May 2012, my full Mastectomy with expanders, on November 14th 2012 and had my 4th expander fluid fill of 100cc in January 2013, crushed my lungs. In that time, I have had trouble fighting an infection in my right chest since. I still wear a wound bag today. But with the pain, and trouble I have had, and the 1 more operation I have yet to have performed, I have no regrets making the decision to have them removed.

I personally watched my Mother, Sister, Grandmother, Aunts and Cousins die of this curse of a disease, and I didnt want my children to watch this as well.
I have 2 daughters, and they now know, that they have the options, that were not given to my family.

So thank you again for your journey, and to all you beautiful woman and your families out there, God bless.

coolgirl said...

I am getting ready to get my expanders exchanged for silicone implants on April 24th It's so great to see that the final result will be so much nicer than these expanders. Thanks for s
haring your story as I am now looking forward to having my surgery to have them replaced. I can bear the discomfort knowing the replacements will be so much better.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story! I am 23 and found out I have breast cancer a few weeks after Christmas. I have had a lot of anxiety about my upcoming double mastectomy and your blog has really helped a lot! I couldn't find many pictures of anyone my age that had gone through this and didn't really know what to expect. After reading your blog and seeing your progress I have much more hope for a positive outcome! Thank you again for sharing your experience!

Anonymous said...

You look amazing! I had bilateral masectomy in Oct 2012 and thought the expanders were very uncomfortable for the first month or so and then got used to them. I will be having my reconstructive surgery on April 11th and cannot wait! Thanks for posting your pics you are very brave!

Anonymous said...

I too want to express my thanks and appreciation for your very detailed explanation of what to expect during reconstruction after double mastectomy. I have returned to your blog several times since my surgery. It has helped me to remain positive while enduring these expanders and I look forward to finally getting my silicone implants next month. It will be good to feel somewhat normal again after 8 months. Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for taking the time & effort to post this blog. Your open & honest pictures were a big help. I have had the tissue expanders in for 4 months, & will have the exchange surgery in 3 more weeks. Starting to get nervous about what to expect & what my chest will look like after the exchange. You look great, & that gives me hope that I will look ok too. Right now the tissue expanders feel so hard on the front, & I think could be used for weapons in a pinch!

jacki said...

You look so fantastic! I love the bras you chose. I had a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy in Oct 2012. my exchange in March 2013. I am spaced too wide, I'm 5'2". So I was petite looking but now, not so much. Did you get nipples or tattoos or both?

Unknown said...

You have given me so much hope!!! Thank you so much for posting all these pics and updates. I'm going for my first fill next week. I had a bilateral mastectomy on 07/30/13. It is so good to see that we can and will come out of this looking as amazing as ever! No one can COMPLETELY understand what this is like unless they've gone through it and this blog and everyone's comments have reminded me that I'm not alone! Thank you :)))

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this, my Mom was just diagnosed with recurring breast cancer and we just found out that we are carriers of the BRCA1 gene... it gives us(my family) hope because there are so many other people out there going through the same thing.

Keep posting please.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate you posting this. I am about to go through the same procedure. My surgery is scheduled for Dec. 5th. I am BRACA II positive and that is the main reason I am doing this. My mother and grandmother both died of cancer and I do not want to go through what they went through.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting your story - I wish I found this months ago!! I'm BRCA2 positive and will do the bilateral exchange tomorrow. My expanders are so uneven, so I'm glad to see that after your exchange yours look great! Gives me hope.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for posting this. Just diagnosed with brca2 at age 30 and considering my options and feeling encouraged after reading your blog and seeing your photos.

Kelly said...

This blog is an amazing help to me and clearly to others. I had my bilateral mastectomy on Oct. 28th with tissue expanders after being diagnosed with DCIS in my right breast. Oddly enough this was the breast that produced less milk when I was nursing and I wonder if this is why. DCIS is a non-invasive cancer that typically isn't palpable and usually only detected by mammography. I just turned 40 and would have had my first one this year, but I'm certain I would have put it off until the end of the year - I have a two year old so I tend to put off things... Miraculously my pleomorphic micro-calcifications were encapsulated by a "vague mass", which I was actually able to see since I was was completely flat. DCIS can remain non-invasive or it can mutate to invasive. I decided to get rid of both breasts to live with the peace of mind. Basically I've had a pretty good recovery - started modified exercise 2 weeks after surgery (no bootcamp - I instruct this), however, have had some issues with the lymph node removal. On the healthy side they removed just one node and I have this seroma that has been aspirated 5 times and keeps coming back. There is also some cording, or Axillary Web Syndrome, but I'm told both will subside. This week I'm set to get my last fill, which will put me at only 200ccs. I really only want to be a small B, since I was so small to begin with. I'm 5'9" 125lbs. - very athletic and don't want anything too large, but I'm nervous now that I might be shooting for too small?? Any advice from anyone on here would be greatly appreciated. Once I'm done my fills I need 25 sessions of radiation. I'm nervous about what that will do to my skin and how that will affect the ultimate final implants. Anyone out there had any experience in this? You are a great person for doing this. Just think how many people you have already helped and will continue to. So glad I stumbled across your blog.
- Kelly

Unknown said...

I can't thank you enough, I look at this all the time, your foobs look amazing!! I had my bilaterial mastectomy 3.5 months ago, my exchange surgery is March 26, 2014 I can't wait to get these out. I have stretched to 425cc but I think I am going to put in the 375 I think your size is perfect i am 5'4" 120lbs I hope they are big enough on me. Did you do the nipple reconstruction and tattoo the aeriola? I hope you are doing well. thanks again for documenting this for people. Cheryl Spears

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog today, 2/8/14, and was confused if I missed something. From what I saw it appeared as if you had not posted for close to a year and a half or two years. I am having a preventative bi-lateral mastectomy in two weeks and found your blog helpful....until it seems you stopped posting. Maybe I missed something??? Anyway, it does seem that many people start these blogs and sadly never finish them. I hope you are ok. Blogging your experience is such a help to people like me, and it's sad when you stop. Again, I hope you are ok

Seema Sugandh said...

What a wonderful blog! Thank you for sharing your story!

Unknown said...

You look beautiful. Congrats! I am a survivor and reconstructive patient. I unfortunately went through a correction surgery as my reconstruction surgery didn't heal properly. The swelling never went down and I did not have the cleavage I was looking for. The breast weren't close enough together. I was looking for the cleavage that you have. I have been searching for bras that will push together to give me the cleavage. But unfortunately, being that the implants are so hard, nothing is really do the trick. But I love the 2 bras you are wearing in your post. Would you mind telling me where you bought them. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi, going to have what you have done and very nervous about the final outcome. most photos I've seen are very scary, but your outcome was great! Was wondering what type of implants you went with, size, and profile? And they put them under your pect muscles? Thanks a bunch!

Wendy ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this. I have my double mastectomy and getting expanders in 2 weeks . Seeing your blog has made me so releived. And has made me realize that I am making the right decision and shouldn't be scared. No one deserves this but I never thought at 28 I would have to make such a tough decision thank you

Unknown said...

It's nice to know that you are healing nicely. Thanks for sharing those personal photos. You are a source of inspiration for the rest of us.

Breast Augmentation

belva gonda said...

thanks so much. really. thank you for sharing and for helping the younger woman to not be so scared.

Barbara Macelli said...

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Unknown said...

Great blog You look so beautiful!! Thank you so much for taking the time to post all these pics and your thorough explanation. They are so helpful and encouraging. My implant exchange is 9 days away now and you have me very excited. Thank you for being so brave in sharing this all! I look forward to more updates.Thanks for sharing .......

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Unknown said...

Hi April,
Thanks for your blog. I have had breast cancer 2 times and my exchange is in less than 30 days. Thanks to your blog I am confident that my exchange will be a success and that I will be beautiful just like you!!!!! ;~} I was extremely concerned but not anymore!!
Thanks again for sharing you journey!!
Billie Kimble

liz said...

Wondering how long did it take to heal after you had your expanders put in?

Unknown said...

I didn't have any problems with my expanders. I had a full mastectomy, therefore, my nerves were cut and I didn't have much pain. I didn't fill the needle stick during my fills or anything.

Unknown said...

I didn't even have bandages after my mastectomy. I had some sort of liquid stitches that didn't have to be removed or anything.

kathy h. said...

I want to thank you for this post. I am fully expanded now and waiting for another month or two before the swap out for implants. I found your blog before my mastectomy and at that time it was so difficult for me to see. Post mastectomy I was ready to really embrace your process... and even now that I have had my expanders in for almost 3 months... I still refer back to this to see what is ahead and compare my results with yours. You look beautiful and I thank you for your guidance through such a difficult time.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

So happy to be given a privilege to post a comment here. You have a wonderful site. Thank you for the effort to publish this.

Anonymous said...

What courage it took to have a double mastectomy at 23. I'm not sure that I would have been brave enough at that age to actually do it. But I did end up going with a double mastectomy at 31, after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I get my tissue expanders replaced with implants next week and I'm so excited! I hope my results are nearly as great as yours - you look absolutely fabulous! Thank you for sharing your journey.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

You were so young, you look wonderful too.
I've been on meds since my last treatment which was April 2014, I've put on so much weight and have horrible hot flashes, the chemo has destroyed my hair, brows and lashes. You were so lucky to have all yours. Cancer is a bitch to say the least.
I'm not satisfied at all with my reconstruction. I'm two weeks out after my implants and I'm no where near the size I was before the mastectomy. I'm very upset. Although they have put in the largest implants, my bras I use to wear will not work now. I was a size D, the implants I have are the largest you can get, 800cc, but I look totally flat chested.
I envy you, you look so good, you have boobs!!! I have bumps. I'm hoping that we can still do something to help enlarge mine. LOL Right now it's not too promising.
I am so so happy that you are doing so well and you look amazing. Congratulations.