My name is April Bhattacharya and I’ve created this blog to keep family and friends updated with my journey. I hope that others out there that are facing these same decisions find my blog encouraging and informative.

After losing multiple women in my family, including my mother, to breast cancer, I chose to have genetic testing. I found out in March 2010 that I tested positive for the BRCA2 mutation. This does not mean it causes breast or ovarian cancer, but it leads to an increased risk for its development. I have an 85% lifetime risk of breast cancer and a 40% lifetime risk of ovarian cancer. The general population’s lifetime risk for breast cancer is about 12% and less than 2% for ovarian cancer.

After doing much research, discussing things with my husband, talking with doctors and genetic counselors, I came to the conclusion that a prophylactic (preventative) bilateral mastectomy (removal of both breasts) and reconstruction would be my personal best decision. By having this surgery I reduce my risk of getting breast cancer by 90%. I have also taken on a vegan diet. At 23 years old, I am empowered to take steps to prevent breast and/or ovarian cancer from taking my life early. I am grateful to be a woman with options that could change the future of my family.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stupid Migraine

So the other night I finally got to bathe, but we accidentally got my left drain site wet. We couldn't get a hold of anyone until the next morning but we knew we couldn't leave it wet overnight so Sameer removed the tegaderm bandage and we blot dried it and put a fresh tegaderm over it. We've been praying that there is no infection. I go to the cosmetic center on Monday and they will check it all out.

I haven't been feeling too great since then. Yesterday I had a migraine that kept me up until 5am and then I threw up. Fun stuff. That hurt my chest really bad!! I got some good sleep after that and I just got up a couple hours ago. Sameer is out getting me some vegetable soup now.

I feel like I don't have many good things to say today. I don't want to be negative. But I also don't want to worry about what I write on here. The point is to get all my thoughts out and document my journey. It is what it is. I'm sure I'll have better days.

Soup is here...

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Amy said...

You're right, there are good days and tough days but each is a part of the process. The good days get you thru the hard ones. It will start getting easier before you know it.